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According to an ancient Greek myth, honey, an elixir for Gods, originates from the clouds and is bestowed the symbol of permanence. The oldest honey was discovered in excavations at Tel Rehov in Israel’s Beth Shean Valley with 30 cases of apiary in perfect condition. Dated from the 10th to early 9th centuries B.C.E., this is the earliest apiary to be revealed to date which is well preserved for more than 3,000 years. No wonder honey is known as the only food that can be kept forever.

In modern days, humans invented processed fructose sugar to replace honey, and marketed a variety of beverages containing high fructose sugar, colouring and flavouring. In our pursuit for new tastes, consumers neglect these additives that harm our health leading to high blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol. For better health, it’s time to change. honeyB natural honey carbonated drink, reinvigorates our taste for honey, a gift from God, in a totally new way. Made from 100% natural Australian honey infused with carbonated water.

honeyB preserves the natural flavour and taste of honey while stimulates our taste buds for full indulgence. Besides the top choice to quench your thirst, honeyB compacts the health benefits of honey in a small convenient can. honeyB is manufactured under the most stringent manufacturing process using the finest selection of honey, to bring out the best of a REAL honey carbonated drink.

Honey has endless health benefits to humans. Since ancient days, humans derive beauty and health benefits from honey, which include whitening and beauty, anti-ageing & anti-oxidant, stress and fatigue relief, strengthen immune system, blood circulation and digestion. The benefits of honey are akin to a wonderful trove of treasure; hence honey is well regarded as a truly amazing food. With its natural monosaccharides fructose and glucose, unlike processed sugar, honey is easily absorbed by our human body.

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